Drilling fluids from quality materials in Kent, supplied nationwide

At Bentonite (Manufacturing and Supply) Ltd in Kent, we specialise in supplying the oil, gas and power industry throughout the UK with high quality and reliable geotechnical materials. Bentonite is most commonly used in drilling fluids – liquid drilling fluid is often referred to as drilling mud.

During the process:

  • The bentonite in the flush fluid lubricates and cools the cutting tools with the additional benefit of providing protection against corrosion. As the drilling fluids generate hydrostatic pressure in the borehole, it hinders fluid and gas penetration and the drilling liquid forces the drill cuttings to the surface.

  • When the purge pumps have idle periods, the thixotropy of the bentonite prevents the residual stone from falling back into the drilled shaft. As a flush fluid, bentonite provides a watertight seal in the drilled shaft.

  • The mineral forms a firm residue – called a ‘sludge cake’ – on the bore wall which provides the borehole with additional stability.

  • The fine bentonite particles enter into the bore wall, before swelling and hardening.

The materials used by our company boast superior viscosity and have excellent thixotropic properties. A sand cement bentonite material is used to cover electricity cables inside ducts; which are placed under roads, paths or streams. This material’s primary function is to remove air within the inner ducts which has the effect of dissipating the heat buildup inside the duct, eliminating the possibility of a cable burnout. Bentonite granules can additionally be used to infill vertical boreholes for geothermal heat pumps.

Providing superior drilling mud to the power industry

We work closely with local and national oil, gas and energy clients and have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the power industry throughout the UK. Our professionals at Bentonite (Manufacturing and Supply) Ltd, which is based in Kent, work with you to create a tailored bentonite solution, ensuring that your productivity requirements are continually met.

Advanced geotechnical materials and equipment

At Bentonite (Manufacturing and Supply) Ltd, we have cutting edge technological equipment and machinery working to the highest standards of viscosity and effectiveness, which enables us to complete your projects on time and to the highest specification. We can accommodate projects of all sizes throughout the UK, offering reliable results and expertise to meet your industry’s needs.

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