High calibre bentonite slurry walls from Kent, for UK projects

Based in Kent, Bentonite (Manufacturing & Supply) Ltd is the UK’s preferred team for all bentonite supplies. For construction engineering and reclaimed land projects, we are able to supply large quantities of powder and slurry to local and national clients throughout the UK.

Bentonite enriched soil (BES) is bentonite and water mixed together to form hydraulic conductivity barriers – sometimes referred to as bentonite slurry walls – that are suitable for a landfill lining or a landfill capping layer. Bentonite slurry walls offer many advantages, such as:

a high level of productivity

very low permeability

low costs

Providing soil bentonite throughout the UK

At Bentonite (Manufacturing and Supply) Ltd, we have 49 years of experience working in the construction industry and providing Kent-based superior bentonite to engineering clients and projects. Our company has worked with numerous land industry clients, supplying them with premium soil bentonite and bentonite slurry mixes to suit their specific requirements.

Our professionals have been extremely influential in the success of countless local and national projects throughout the UK. This means that as a customer, you are guaranteed great service and success.

Producing superior materials for landfill capping and landfill lining

At Bentonite (Manufacturing & Supply) Ltd, we have invested heavily in bespoke equipment of the highest calibre. This allows our professionals to quickly and easily produce superior quality bentonite. Our cutting edge machinery also provides us with the best solution to supplying a contract. Our company can take on projects of all sizes – you are guaranteed reliable results and expert services to meet all of your industry’s requests.


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