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Foam Concrete

Foam concrete is lightweight yet forms a rigid, well-bonded body after gelling, making it an effective free standing structure on its own which does not impose lateral loads on adjacent structures. Foam concrete can be constructed into various formations and profiles through forming and stepping of successive lifts and can be machined to create the desired end result for your project.

No Compaction Required

In some cases mechanical compaction can be difficult and unsafe due to limited or inaccessible areas such as in excavations with poor soils that are not easily compacted. Foam concrete forms a 100% compacted foundation over the soft soil. With compaction of conventional backfill against retaining structures or deep foundations, traditional methods can cause damage or movement to the adjacent structure.

High Fluidity

Light weight foam concrete pumps easily and with a relatively low pressure via hoses over long distances. For applications over 1000 metres such as pipe in tunnel backfill, the slurry is pumped through the pipe with the pre-formed foam injected near the point of placement. The material is naturally self-levelling and can fill the smallest voids, cavities and seams. Plus, when placing in excavations, foam concrete conforms to all sub grades.

The many uses of Foam Concrete

Foam Concrete is incredibly useful due to its lightweight structure, Settlement-free construction and adabitaly to different strengths and densitys. Ways Foam Concrete can be used: ● To fill subways that are no longer in use. ● Encapsulate a pipe line within a pipeline. ● To infill behind sea walls. ● Decommissioning power stations. ● Infill abandoned pipeline. ● Bridge decks. ● Infilling tunnels ● Infilling sinkholes ● To infill underground abandoned sewers. ● To create roads on soft ground

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Ease of removal

Foam concrete can be designed for specific strengths to allow for the future removal for maintenance of utilities or excavations. Sometimes excavations of CLSM (cement lime sand mortar) or other flow able fill material can be susceptible to unpredictable gains in strength due to delivery and production methods. Foam concrete is produced on site to exact requirements, and can be easily excavated with common construction equipment.

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