Bentonite (Manufacturing & Supply) Ltd is one of the most reputable providers of Foamed concrete materials throughout the UK. Working within the construction industry across the country, our company is trusted with numerous high profile projects and always insures they are completed to the highest possible standard. With over 90 years of combined experience and knowledge in Foamed Concrete and unique bespoke equipment, Bentonite (Manufacturing & Supply) Ltd in Kent are able to supply a variety of public and private sector clients with Foam concrete mixes suitable for a wide range of applications. 



Foamed Concrete is a lightweight, self-levelling, self compacting material.

Foam Concrete is a light weight building material, usually composed of cement, water and foaming agent.  Additives and fillers such as sand, limestone dust, pulverised fly ash (Pfa) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) can be used in the Foam concrete mix for financial or technical reasons. Foamed concrete is formed by generating and injecting thick foam into cement paste or cement sand slurry by mechanical processes. Typical foam concrete densities can range from as low as 500kgs/m³ to 1600kgs/m³ and strengths from 0.5mpa to 10mpa.


One of the most obvious benefits of Foam Concrete is the ease with which it can be placed. Foam Concrete does not require any compaction or vibration and needs little in the way of finishing. In some cases mechanical compaction can be difficult and unsafe due to limited or inaccessible areas such as in excavations with poor soils that are not easily compacted. Foam concrete forms a 100% compacted foundation over the soft soil. When compaction of conventional backfill against retaining structures or deep foundations, traditional methods can cause damage or movement to the adjacent structure or just be too time consuming. in these instances Foam concrete is a great solution.


Foamed Concrete pumps easily with relatively low pressures via hoses over long distances. when Foam concrete applications are over 500 meters such as pipe and tunnel backfill, the slurry is pumped through pipelines with pre-formed foam injected near the point of placement. Foamed concrete is naturally self-levelling and fills the smallest voids, cavities and seams. When placing in  excavations, foam conforms to every sub grade contour. 


Foam Concrete is incredibly useful due to its lightweight structure, settlement free construction and adaptability to different strengths and densities. 

Ways Foamed Concrete can be utilised,

  • infilling sink holes
  • encapsulate a pipe line within a pipe line
  • to infill behind sea walls
  • decommission swimming pools
  • decommissioning power stations
  • infill abandoned pipeline
  • bridge decks
  • infilling tunnels
  • infilling underground abandoned sewers
  • to create roads on soft ground
  • infilling subways

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Ease of removal

Foam concrete can be designed for specific strengths to allow for the future removal for maintenance of utilities or excavations. Sometimes excavations of CLSM (cement lime sand mortar) or other flow able fill material can be susceptible to unpredictable gains in strength due to delivery and production methods. Foam concrete is produced on site to exact requirements, and can be easily excavated with common construction equipment.

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