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CEBO Products

Bentonite (Manufacturing and Supply) Limited are please to offer the supply of Material, together with installation if required, of the follow products supplied by CEBO UK limited for Cable ducting.

Conduct Gel

Cebo Conduct Gel is composed of a specially selected Bentonite and graphite mixture that allows heat transfer from the power cable to the surrounding soil. This material is non-hardening suspension gel which is easily removed after a period of time if required.  The product is cement free and provides high flowability over long distances. On behalf of CEBO we can offer the following Conduct gels:

Cebo Conduct-Gel 1.0 giving a Thermal Resistivity of 0.95m.K/W

Cebo Conduct-Gel 1.3 giving a Thermal Resistivity of 0.80m.K/W

Cebo Conduct-Gel 1.5 giving a Thermal Resistivity of 0.70m.K/W

Cebo Conduct-Gel 2.0 giving a Thermal Resistivity of 0.50m.K/W

Cebo Conduct-Gel 2.5 giving a Thermal Resistivity of 0.40m.K/W

Densities range from 1096kgs/m³ to 1519kgs/m³ depending upon Thermal Resistivity value requirements.


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