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Specialist Grout

Bentonite (Manufacturing & Supply) Ltd can manufacture and supply high volumes of material to projects, with bespoke batching plants that can supply up to 50+m³/hours and pump 500+ linear metres.

All our material is specially pre-blended to our unique mix designs and supplied to site in 30-ton bulk tankers to feed our on-site cement silos.

We can offer various mixes to conform to the clients’ requirements with strength from 450 Kpa – 1500 Kpa.

Infilling underground tunnels, we can prolong the setting time to ensure that the material does not go hard until the pour has been completed.

Low thermal grout
Achieving low thermal conductivity/thermal resistivity requires mixes that are graphite based. These can obtain values down to TC. 2.0 W/m.K and TR 0.5.m.K/W. This material is easy to place over long distances. Sand can be used as a filler in some mixes, but is only beneficial over very short distances, because when pumped over long distances the sand will fall out of suspension and cause a blockage.

Low permeability grout
A low permeability grout is a material that we manufacture and supply for slurry walls to stop the movement of contaminated materials and/or water in the soil. It is also used for secant piles.

Low strength grout
Mixes can be engineered and designed to obtain 28-day strengths ranging from 200 Kpa – 1500 KPa with densities in the order of 1050-1300 kgs/m³. Due to the unique properties of our bentonite mixes, they exhibit little or no bleed water once placed. Also, we can pour over a 3-4 days duration in the same tunnel before the material starts to set.

High strength grout
High strength cement grout mixes give 28 days results of 35 +MPa. Their drawback is that high ambient temperatures cause the material to set faster. Meanwhile, high thermal heat means that the product can cause thermal cracking in the pour.

Cathodic protection
A major issue affecting infrastructure is the corrosion of steel pipelines in underground tunnels. These can be gas pipelines or water pipelines which are normally encapsulated with a liquid grout. We can supply a grout that offers some protection against the corrosion of steel.

We have manufactured a material that will give a good high reading for cathodic protection to prevent rusting around steel pipelines in underground tunnels with strengths around 700+ Kpa.

TR values 1.2 – 0.4
These measures represent the ability of heat being transferred from a power cable through the material surrounding it inside a duct.

There is no one thermal mix design, because each project has its own requirements. The minimum TR value normally asked for is 1.2 m.K/W (Kelvin/Watt).

However, due to substantial gains in new materials available over the last few years, we can now supply TR values as low as 0.25 m.K/W, this being a special graphite mix.

Please note that these mixes do not go hard, as they are designed to harden off to a soft gel only. There is no strength characteristic with this material.

Bentonite (Manufacturing & Supply) Ltd has special mixing equipment to manufacture and place the material on site to infill the cable ducts.

Depending upon the volume requirements and size of the project, we can supply material in 25 kg bags, 1-ton bags or in bulk to on-site silos (30-ton bulk tanker loads).

Find out more about specialist grouts available from Bentonite (Manufacturing & Supply) Ltd by getting in touch with our experts today.

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