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Slurry Walls

This is a civil engineering concept that involves building a wall in the ground, sometimes many metres deep, in areas of soft earth close to open water or with a high ground water table.

The material is used to prevent the migration of water, hydrocarbons and gas (on landfill sites) from one side to the other.

The slurry wall trench has to be dug down to the clay level, so when the liquid slurry is pumped in it makes a bond between the clay in the trench. This stops any seepage of water or contaminates moving through the ground.

B.S. states the following permeability for slurry walls:

“A target permeability of less than 1×10-9 m/s is required. However, due to inherent variability of trench mixes, sampling and testing, at least 80% of results shall be less than 1×10-9 m/s and at least 95% of the results shall be less than 1×10-8 m/s, with no individual result in excess of 5×10-8 m/s, when measured in apparatus and tested at an age of 90 days or such later age as specified in the Particular Specification.”

Based in Kent but working throughout the UK, Bentonite Manufacturing & Supply Ltd can offer a self-hardening material for the infilling of slurry walls which give a strength of 450-600+ Kpa at 28 days and a minimum permeability of 1×10-9 m/s – normal results are around 1 x 10-10 m/s after 28 days. This material can also be used for secant piles and also for infilling underground tunnels and by tweaking the mix can increase strengths.


Below are the Triaxial permeability results on a sample of grout supplied to a slurry wall poured on the 13/02/23 tested on 13/03/23 (28 days).

Description: Stiff intact dark green cement bentonite slag SLURRY

Sample Details: Initial: Final:
Diameter: 102.2 mm 102.1 mm
Height: 98.8 mm 98.7 mm
Moisture Content: 291 % 296 %
Bulk Density: 1.18 Mg/m³ 1.19 Mg/m³
Dry Density: 0.30 Mg/m³ 0.30 Mg/m³
Sample Condition: Undisturbed

Saturation Stage: (Saturation by increments of cell pressure and back pressure)

Initial pore pressure coefficient, B: 0.61
Final pore pressure coefficient, B: 1.00
Duration of stage: 10 days

Consolidation stage:

Drainage condition: Double end drainage
Effective pressure: 100 kPa
Duration of stage: 1 day

Permeability stage:

Pressure difference across specimen: 20 kPa
Mean effective stress: 100 kPa
Duration of stage: 2 days
Coefficient of permeability at 20°C 4.2 x 10-11 m/s
Bentonite (Manufacturing & Supply) Ltd

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